Change Leader by Michael Fullan

I’m reading this book because Leadership has always been a passion of mine.

John Maxwell is a familiar guru of mine on Leadership. I have completed his course entitled, 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadershi. I have eagerly devoured his many books on the topic.

Having been in a senior school management team, that displayed superb leadership. That really challenged, led and developed me in area that I never even knew that I had was the beginning of a lifetime pursuit – to be the best leader I could be from wherever I found myself…
As mother, wife, friend, colleague, business partner, director, librarians, teacher, chairman.
What a living breathing testimony to leadership that SMT was. Thank you Nellie Smith, Lynne Breytenbach and Gerda Cunningham.
3 incredible leaders under whom I served and from whom I learned so so much.
Now, being in a new position, experiencing change first hand, in charge of a large secondary school library and seeing how much my world, the people in it and my life was under constant change, I found this title, Change Leader spellbingding. I had never thought about leadership being a skill set that needed to adapt, empathise, be flexible, motivate, be simple etc. Suddenly I am reminded of a workshop I attended with Dudley Forde. He showed us different styles of leadership for different situations – I suppose in a way that is ‘change’ leading.
But Michael Fullen is somewhat different in his perspective. Both in what leadership is and how it is acquired. He believes leaders need a deep understanding of what motivates human beings and the skills needed to tap into and influence other people’s self-motivation. That is how you influence and thereby lead.

He identifies seven core practices he believes define a leader as powerful.
– practice drives theory – participate as a learner in helping an organisation to improve
– be resolute – have resolute moral purpose combined with impressive empathy
– motivate the masses – have a realised effectiveness of what motivate people to do more
– learn confidently – super confident but understated humilty
– know your impact – stats are servants not masters
– sustain simplexity – in a complicated world simplexity is our

the last slide in this presentation says it all for me.

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