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Having been a sporty type most of my life, it was a natural to pick up from amongst the books towering on my desktop awaiting accessioning, a book called ‘Open’ by Andre Agassi.  It is his autobiography.  I am not an avid tennis player or follower, but Agassi had always struck a chord with me when seen on TV.  Something, I am sure to do with his rebellious nature and gorgeous looks!

I browsed through the book, not a small read at 388 pages. I opened it and began to read – having to write a synopsis for the library system one needs,  to know something of the book – I read the opening quote by Vincent van Gogh – I was riveted! I read on……

The style of the book is brutally frank, honest and engaging. I could feel him with me, talking to me, confiding in me.

It begins with his attempts at coming to terms with his retirement after his penultimate final, due to be played the next evening.

He is anxious for it to be all over. He is not ready for it to be over.

I was hooked. I can see that I am in for fascinating late night reading.

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