Remembering …


For Dad

Great man of my life,

I think of you,


the times we shared stories of our days around the dining room table, laughing.

Your quiet confidence and humility as you shared about life and

played your favourite songs

Tales from Vienna Woods,

Let it be,

Hey Jude,

Long and winding road and

My way…


When I was a young, older and older still

you wore a vest

sitting at the dining-room table

reading a Louis L’amour cowboy book,

drinking a Hansa,

and following your horse racing

from a box radio beside you


Not that long ago I made the journey in a local bus,

from Kitwe to our first home


remembering the copper mine,

the football

at Ndola



the holidays – long tiresome trips through Beit Bridge to


the joy of the sea

you fishing

high diving

us swimming, playing, living and loving life.


And then place where I knew you,



Berea Road

Stationery Box – your last born

window dressing early on a Saturday morning

serving customers

the Ocean View Hotel

surprise peace offerings

your joy and pride as you shared

whole chickens, toasters and more.

arms full of chocolates

for the kids



your death.

The panic, the suddenness

And then the peace


I heard you say softly to mum,

“I love you Katy”


your gentleness

your love

the cards you wrote mum on her birthdays


And then

the early morning call – you had left

Great man of my life



with grateful thanks for the inspiration, Paulette Coetzee

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