Education & Love #lovelearning

Isn’t it strange that when we’re descending in the depths of despair love sees us through.

I’ve been feeling disempowered, disenfranchised, demotivated and somewhat jaded about my work, teaching and learning for a host of reasons… they are actually not important at this moment because in picking up a book to put onto the library data system I found  my ‘love’ and my whole perspective has changed.

I’m feeling empowered again, motivated and upbeat and here is the reason why.

Thank you Steve Wheeler…

I bought this book for the library. It’s written by Steve Wheeler. It has the subtitle “Educational Theory and Practice in the digital age”.
learning with e's

Every morning, I spend some time in my habitual quest for new knowledge, learning and becoming reading new books, searching the internet for new thoughts and ideas on technology, learning and teaching. Today, I decided to put Steve’s book onto the library data system and began reading the foreword.  After the second paragraph started I jumped to the internet to find this “Wheeler” guy…

What I found was so exciting that I just had to share…

I discovered,  a new blogger who blogs about “learning with “e”s. Technology and learning.
I’m very interested in this topic, as I am busy with some research on the digital practices I use in the library and their impact on reading motivation, reading attitudes and time spent reading with the hope that these practices will eventually develop life long readers and therefore life long learners.

I then went to Steve Wheeler’s blog and browsed – perfect timing for some long weekend reading I mused.

Whilst browsing on Steve’s website and came across this post

What’s love got to do with it?  That struck a chord as I have a blog with exactly the same name as this post. Yes, I thought I believe in love and yes I know that love has everything to do with everything… even teaching and learning.

Then I discovered 3 more posts on love and teaching and learning – what a way to start the day!


Post 1. What has love got to do with it?

There are also several other posts linking love to learning. A blogger after my own heart.

Post 2. Everlasting love

Post 3. The Power of Love

Post 4. All you need is Love

Truly a great teaching, technology and learning blog by a man with a heart of love for learning.

Try it?

You will be transformed  – but then isn’t that “what love is all about”?

Thank you, Steve Wheeler you have made my day and set up my weekend…

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